Send Brain Drain Packing (Poster)

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Use this poster to remind your workforce why refueling with healthy snacks is key to avoiding the midday slump or a safety mishap.

Time flies at work, and it's important to remind everyone in your workforce to stop and get a healthy snack periodically to keep their brains alert. This simple poster will be a good visual reminder of what good snacks are and are not.

When and how to use:
Print and post Send Brain Drain Packing to acknowledge everyone's hard work, the long days and the necessity take some "me time" to feed the brain and stay healthy. 

  • Hang it in unexpected places to grab attention
  • Feature it on digital sign boards
  • Cover it in a small group lunch 'n learn, and give away a healthy snack pack for later

(After completing your purchase, you can immediately download the zip file with the pdfs. You will print them in-house or with a print shop.)

Is it time for a smart snack?

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