Gross Stuff is Everywhere at Work (Poster)

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Hang this poster to remind your employees that gross stuff is everywhere and they need to be squeaky-clean teammates.

Seeing is believing, so remind your employees about the work spaces besides the restroom that need everyone's attention to keep gross stuff at bay.

When and how to use:

  • Hang it during cold and flu season or all year long. But don't let it become wallpaper. Move it around throughout the workplace periodically and put it in unexpected places to grab attention.
  • Print smaller versions and make it the giveaway from a safety meeting, or a safety moment at other meetings or even a health fair.
  • Put a small one at each workplace with a packet (or tub!) of disinfectant wipes.

(After completing your purchase, you can immediately download the zip file with the pdfs. You will print them in-house or with a print shop.)

Grab even more attention with the Gross Stuff Is Everywhere at Work video.

Series: Feel Your Best

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