Gross Stuff Is Everywhere at Work

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Most work spaces are dirtier than a public restroom. This video can help your employees be squeaky-clean teammates.

When people think about germs, public restrooms come to mind. True, they're teeming with bacteria, but other work spaces are even grosser! Remind everyone at work how to keep germs and gross stuff at bay — and feel their best.

You'll grab attention and get the point across in less than a minute with this contemporary video. Watch a video from our product developer about why we created and LOVE this collection. 

When and how to use:

Share this Gross Stuff Is Everywhere at Work video with your workforce at the beginning of the cold and flu season, or anytime during the year.

• Link via an email

• Post on intranet/portal/microsite

• Play on digital sign boards

• Show during professional development/training opportunities

• Make it the feature film of a safety meeting or a safety moment at other meetings

We all know a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce.

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Series: Feel Your Best

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