Managers Performance Feedback Toolkit

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There are five key elements to an overall effective performance management process: goal-setting, ongoing coaching and feedback, performance evaluation, performance feedback and compensation decisions. The Managers Performance Feedback Toolkit will remind your managers and others who provide feedback how to do it right. Getting the performance feedback for managers experience right will engage both managers and employees in the performance review process to create a positive environment for continuous and collaborative performance improvement. This toolkit targets managers who are providing the feedback to employees and includes:

Manager tip sheet ― Nine helpful performance review tips for managers to help them prepare for the performance feedback session so that it will be a great experience for all.

Feedback Rock Star video ― This quick 40-second video will catch your managers' attention and help them remember the five foolproof strategies needed for effective, actionable performance feedback. 

Feedback Rock Star handout ― The same five performance feedback for managers strategies included in the video are detailed in an attractive, eye-catching handout for managers.

When and How to Use

Quickly remind managers of how to get the feedback experience right by emailing them the pdf files for the tip sheet and handout and asking them to watch the brief video. You can include the link to the video in that same email as well as post on your intranet for use at any time.

Or, if you'd prefer, the tip sheet and handout files are set for printing and can be distributed as desk drops.

What You'll Receive

After the purchase is complete you'll receive three pdf files immediately ― the tip sheet, the handout and the installation instructions for the video file which will be sent in a follow-up email. 

Make your overall performance management process more effective by using this performance feedback toolkit to help you get performance feedback for managers right in your organization.


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