Checking Out the Basics of a Bonus (Handout)

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Understanding the basics of a bonus is important. Jump-start employees' learning with this Checking out the Basics of a Bonus handout.

You want your employees to be excited when they get their bonus check or direct deposit, not questioning the what, why, when and how of the amount. This handout helps them get the basics clearly and quickly when they are new to the organization or need a refresher at bonus payout time. 

When and how to use:
No doubt, you'll have other ways to use this handout in your organization, but here are just a few suggestions. 
• Attach to an email
• Print and use it as a desk drop
• Include it in a new-hire kit
• Cover it in a small group lunch 'n learn

(After completing your purchase, you can immediately download the zip file with the pdfs. You will print them in-house or with a print shop.)


Another suggestion: Make opening a bonus check or an amount statement fun by literally putting a bow on the envelope. Who doesn't like to open a present? 

Series: Pay Notes

Note: The information in the handout follows the contents of the companion video. 

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