Breaking Down Base Pay and Overtime (Handout)

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How do base pay and overtime work? At some point, every employee wonders. Use this handout to explain the basics quickly.

Used alone or as a companion to the Breaking Down Base Pay and Overtime video, this simple handout will help your employees understand how pay is determined — base pay ranges, market competitiveness, benchmarking and increases. It also includes a simple explanation of overtime. 

When and how to use:
Provide this handout with people managers and/or employees ahead of midyear or year-end performance reviews, or anytime during the year. It is particularly useful for individuals new to the workforce:
• Attach to an email
• Print and use it as a desk drop
• Include it in a new-hire kit
• Cover it in a small group lunch 'n learn

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Your crowd prefers video? No problem. Link them to the Breaking Down Base Pay and Overtime video and they can watch it on their smartphone anywhere, anytime.

Series: Pay Notes

*The information in the handout follows the contents of the companion video. 

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