FSA Deadline Reminder Collection (FSA-only Bright Design)

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This bright, fun and "Time's Flying" design will grab attention, reminding employees and their families the December 31 deadline for incurring Flexible Spending Account (FSA) expenses or using 2018 preventive care benefits is just around the corner. 

What's included and when? 

  • 8.5" x 11" flyer/poster pdf
  • 5" x 7" postcard pdf
  • email image of poster .jpg

(After completing your purchase, you can immediately download the zip file with the pdfs and the .jpg. You will print them in-house or with a print shop.) This means you can remind employees before the end of the day. 

When and how to use:

  • Embed the .jpg image in an email to all eligible employees
  • Self-print and use the postcard as a desk drop, or send it to your fulfillment partner along with an employee mailing address file and send the postcards to homes
  • Self-print and post the flyer in the breakroom, bathroom, by the timeclock, in the elevator, or other common place

Have multiple locations? Email the items to a local coordinator and have them print locally the same day. 

What's cool?

You can choose to have your logo added for a $35 charge. If you choose the tailoring option requesting we add your logo, you will upload your logo post purchase and we will let you know when your tailored files are available for download. For this design, a black logo will look best (as opposed to a multi-colored logo). 

 FSA Deadline Reminder Collection FSA-only Bright Design image


FSA Deadline Reminder Collection Bright Design image

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