2019-2020 Benchmark Select Compensation Report

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Our Benchmark Select Compensation Report provides comprehensive employee compensation data for 250 benchmark jobs covering nearly every department in your organization.

Attracting and retaining top talent is essential to be successful in the marketplace, and often attraction and retention begin with competitive employee compensation data for planning.

The Benchmark Select Compensation Report provides robust employee compensation data on 250 benchmark positions, including data for more than 60 disciplines or areas of specialization (e.g., accounting, HR, IT development) at ten different career levels (intermediate support, specialist support, intermediate professional, senior professional, specialist professional, supervisor, first-level manager and senior manager). Position-level data include base salary, performance bonuses/short-term incentives and total cash compensation. Results are based on national market data but can be customized with industry and geography adjustments.

Also included in the Benchmark Select Compensation Report are job summaries for the benchmark positions included in the report to facilitate matching your internal positions to the appropriate benchmark job and career level, as well as sample titles for all positions. See the attached order form for the full list of products and countries. Benchmark Select Compensation reports are published annually.

For more information about additional products available from Willis Towers Watson Data Services, go to https://www.wtwdataservices.com.

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