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What do I do if the hosted product I have purchased is not working?

From time to time, we perform updates or maintenance on our products and technology. Occasionally, this may impact your ability to access certain products for a short time. If you cannot access a product that you have purchased, contact us and include the name of the product that you are unable to access.


Do products work on all devices, operating systems and browsers (e.g., computer, tablet, Apple, Microsoft, smart phone, iPhone, Android)?

It depends on the product. The best way to determine which devices support a product is to check the technical specifications of the product. You will find the technical specifications on each product page.


If I buy a product at the full price, does this allow me to resell/distribute that product?

No. The purchase of the product means you have the right to use the product only for the express purpose for which the product was designed. Products cannot be altered, copied, recorded, shared or sold beyond what is outlined in our terms and conditions.


What happens when my product subscription is over?

If you purchase a product subscription, one month prior to the end of your subscription, we will send an email notifying you that your subscription is about to expire and include instructions on how to renew.


I have purchased an app for my workforce. How do I make this available to my workforce?

Many products are delivered with instructions on how to deploy the product within your software environment. If you have not received this information, please contact the vendor directly. If the vendor is Willis Towers Watson, please contact us at support@hrtrove.com.


How do I make purchased videos accessible to my workforce?

When you purchase a video, you will receive a video installation guide to guide you through the options for sharing with your workforce.


I received an error when trying to install the app I purchased. What should I do?

Please contact the vendor to resolve your issue. If the vendor is Willis Towers Watson, please contact us at support@hrtrove.com.


Whom can I call if I have questions about a partner product that I purchased through The HR Trove?

Please refer to the product page for the appropriate customer support contact.