Workplace Wellbeing Assessment

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Use this online workplace wellbeing tool to perform a DIY work site wellbeing assessment. After answering key questions, you'll instantly receive a custom report with results and recommendations.

Organizations that are focused on supporting a culture of employee wellbeing will appreciate this DIY online workplace wellbeing tool to conduct an audit of its policies, practices and physical environment. After years of conducting extensive on-site wellbeing assessments, Willis Towers Watson makes its extensive database available for comparison to your organization’s situation. Discover the ways you can improve the work environment with our workplace wellbeing tool and realize the related benefits of attraction, retention and happier employees.

You’ll answer specialized questions covering the following key areas contributing to overall employee well-being in the workplace:

  • Physical Environment

  • Health Awareness

  • Communication

  • Enterprise Policies

  • Safety

  • Food/Nutrition

Many of the workplace wellbeing survey questions cover hot-button issues that employers are examining − accommodations for new mothers, workplace characteristics that encourage physical activity, wellbeing champions, and safety, among others.

After answering the workplace wellbeing questionnaire in the easy-to-use online tool, you’ll instantly receive custom recommendations and a graphic display of where your organization falls along the spectrum of low focus to best-in-class focus on wellbeing across the six key areas.

The workplace wellbeing tool is designed to run and save an unlimited number of assessments to cover the needs of those with a single work site or many different sites and situations.

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