Weight Watchers® Discounted Local Meeting Vouchers

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$126 per membership for 13 weeks (minimum purchase of 100 thirteen week vouchers)


Weight Watchers Local Meeting Vouchers* are the flexible, discounted way for your employees to access to Weight Watchers right in their local neighborhood. Each voucher may be redeemed for 13 consecutive weeks at Weight Watchers community meeting locations and includes 14 weeks of access to the Weight Watchers member website and mobile app.

Local Meeting Vouchers provide members with all of the great benefits of Weight Watchers, including:

  • Clinically proven program that fits into right into employees’ lifestyles
  • No special foods to buy — Weight Watchers teaches members how to eat in the real world and enjoy the foods they love
  • Expert guidance from a trained leader who has lost weight on the program
  • Power of shared learning strategies from people sharing the same challenges
  • Apps including tracking, recipes, tips, bar code scanner, fitness
  • Free 14-week eTools** for digital weight-loss tools on the go
  • Confidential weigh-ins
  • No registration fees
  • Bulk discount and easy distribution

The Weight Watchers clinically proven approach can help employees enjoy a life that is full of great food and the energy of good health. Just a 5% weight loss can significantly improve health conditions. 

The Beyond the Scale program helps employees:

Eat Better

  • SmartPoints® focus on nutritional content rather than calories alone
  • Healthy eating without limiting choices
  • Daily SmartPoints enable members to easily track their progress

Move More

  • FitPoints® help members create custom fitness goals based on their personal activity level
  • Everything counts — little changes add up
  • FitPoints sync with a variety of fitness trackers for weight loss

Shift Mindset

  • Develop skills to manage the ups and downs of weight loss
  • Feel more confident, connected and empowered
  • Connect to others who are on the same journey

*Payment required in advance. Sold in participating areas only; may not be accepted in all areas.
**Digital tools available only with subscription products.

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