Strategic Planning for 2018

It’s spring! Time to think about 2018. The HR Trove has the tools and resources you need to make next year’s HR planning process a breeze.

Benefit planning

Employer guide: well-being incentive trends plus 45-minute phone consultation

Well-being incentives are always evolving. This package includes a guide that covers the latest trends in incentives plus a 45-minute phone consultation with Willis Towers Watson health management experts who can make customized wellness program recommendations for your organization.
Well-being incentives are always evolving. This package includes a

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Employer guides: trends in time off and parental leave plus state and local sick leave law compliance chart

This suite of employer guides, created by Willis Towers Watson absence and disability experts, includes a wealth of information on time-off programs and parental leave. A comprehensive chart of state and local sick leave laws is also included so you get the latest on laws and regulations.

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Employer guides: generational shifts in the workplace

Get up to speed on the impact of generational shifts in the workplace with this employer guide bundle from Willis Towers Watson, which includes a one-page infographic with high-level talking points, a discussion document for you and your internal team, and a summary of recent research.

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Executive benefit scorecard: best practices in health care, includes custom benchmarks

In this digital scorecard, we combine the latest market research from Willis Towers Watson with the peer groups of your choice to build a fully customizable executive scorecard. Quickly see how your organization stacks up against your peers in plan design, subsidization, vendor partners, pharmacy, health care delivery, workforce health and engagement strategies.

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Compensation planning

How Pay Works video kit

annual review annual review annual review annual review

Ensure your employees know the basics with the Pay Notes collection of videos and communication companions. It covers the basics of: base pay and overtime, bonuses, long-term incentives and paycheck deductions.

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General industry salary budget planning survey (Global) 2017 annual review annual review

This report provides salary budget increase percentages for 2017 and projected increases for 2018 for six employee levels, salary review status and salary budget allocation. Global and regional reports are also available.

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Global 50 remuneration planning report annual review annual review

Using our extensive market research, this report presents remuneration practices for 50 key positions in 60-plus countries worldwide. Local market practices are presented in clear, concise overviews.

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Starting salary report (U.S. and Canada) 2017annual review annual review

An important resource for employers or hiring managers looking to attract new entrants to the labor market, this report provides starting salaries by job function and region for entry-level college graduates. It covers North America and three other regions (60-plus countries).

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Talent management planning

Career framework annual review annual review

This guide provides the basics you’ll need to build a career framework for your organization. Sample career level descriptions provide a strong foundation, so you can focus your time on assessing current talent placement and planning. The framework lets managers actively participate in career development and provides clarity for your workforce.

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Job description sample kit annual review annual review

You’ll find sample job description kits covering a range of job functions and families. Each kit contains editable sample job descriptions -- you are able to mix and match for your specific job requirements -- along with a guide to writing effective job descriptions.

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