Online Retirement Plan Fiduciary Training

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Learn how to manage your fiduciary risk and get up to speed on new retirement plan regulations with this online training program.

Who is this for?

This online course is for you if you are a fiduciary of a retirement plan who wants to minimize your associated risks through education and governance.

What does it do?

This is an online training course that will equip you with everything you need to know about your retirement plan responsibilities, including:

  • Scope of ERISA’s fiduciary requirements
  • Risks associated with being a fiduciary
  • How to differentiate fiduciary actions from other typical plan sponsor actions
  • Duties of a fiduciary under ERISA
  • Managing risk through processes and procedures for strong governance
  • What’s new for fiduciaries – including the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule and defined contribution, as well as defined benefit plan litigation

How to use the online training course:

You will receive a website address to access the online training on a hosted website. 

You may access the training by linking to this website using any browser and then entering your name and e-mail address - or the name and e-mail address of the individual plan fiduciary - to generate a unique training link. 

The training course is designed to be completed in a little over an hour. You can halt the course at any time and return to it later. The course is accessible on desktop, tablet, or other mobile device. It is easy to use, with simple read-and-click exercises, plus interactive flash cards for new concepts and short videos to enhance understanding.

Current Stock:
Availability: Digital download after payment confirmation
Product Type: Training
Media Type: Hosted training
Subscription Length: One year subscription for 1 individual
Technical Specifications: Interactive training of approximately 1 hour in length. The training is read-and-click with videos.
Browsers Supported: Supports the most recently available version of Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge within 3 months of commercial release plus the prior version. Supports Internet Explorer 11 until the commercially supported date by Microsoft.