New products

Arya Recruiting Software

This AI-powered technology will speed up the process of sourcing and engaging great candidates that will be the right fit for your growing organization.
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Scavify Interactive Onboarding App

A mobile app that uses gamification to make onboarding employees interactive, fun and engaging while providing valuable analytics to your organization.
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Willis Towers Watson Pulse Software

Our easy-to-use survey software lets you keep a finger on the true pulse of your company. Use it once or many times through the year to quickly check opinions, gauge understanding or solicit ideas.

Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Express Software

Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Express Software is a simple-to-use product built to communicate HR-related information and provide seamless access to related systems, sites or tools for employees and HR practitioners of midsize organizations. We understand that midsize organizations like yours need an easy way to centrally communicate crucial HR information to all employees throughout the various stages of their careers. This software can help and is available anytime, anywhere, including mobile access, and is a web-based, software-as-a-service HR portal solution.
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