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Looking for ways to quickly and easily improve the speed and effectiveness of sourcing candidates to meet your hiring needs? HR Recruiting Software from Arya delivers sourcing at its best. It identifies and automatically engages with candidates that are most likely to be a good fit for your organization.

Arya uses the power of artificial intelligence and its patent-pending technology to scan the data available on the open web and in your own organization to identify talent movement and hiring trends. Arya Recruiting Software establishes the successful sourcing and recruiting patterns to identify the candidates who are most likely to be a good fit for your organization by analyzing:

  • Job boards -- such as CareerBuilder, Monster, Dice
  • More than 200 million social profiles
  • Your organization's ATS or other database
  • 50+ university and membership association sites

Through machine learning, Arya will create sophisticated Boolean Search strings tailored to your recruiters’ successful keywords and searches, consistently getting smarter about you and your organization’s specific needs over time.

Arya will then use her own intelligence combined with her machine learning capabilities to learn detailed information about each candidate. Including, mining the open web to analyze companies they’ve worked for in the past, and their tenure and growth at those companies. Next, Arya analyzes competitors and their successful hires in the industry and combines those results with the candidate intel she’s found to define what a successful candidate would look like.

Using a process and templates that you select, Arya will automatically communicate and engage with candidates and continue to move them through the various stages of the recruiting pipeline.  Its administration dashboard allows you to view engagement metrics and manage your recruiting pipeline.  If you have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Arya can be the sourcing engine connected to it.

When and How to Use HR Recruiting Software

  • Use when you are spending too much time on laborious sourcing activities
  • Install the human resources recruiting software, select the sources, configure the communications templates
  • Watch your recruiting pipelines fill and focus your activities on evaluating the ideal candidate from a group that has already been filtered for best-fit for the position and your organization

Contact us today to discover more about this AI automated HR recruiting software to help you find the best candidates for your company while saving you time and money! 

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