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Scavify -- a leader in using technology to deliver engaging experiences -- is an interactive, HR onboarding app and platform for helping acclimate employees to the workplace. Your workforce will enjoy using this mobile app to become acclimated to the virtual or site-based workplace. New employees and other workers complete a set of tasks that drive interaction with the environment and other members of the workforce to help them quickly understand the culture and learn the basics and improve their time to productivity and success.

Employees use the HR onboarding app to complete any combination of photo challenges, GPS check-ins, quizzes, survey questions, and scanning of QR codes placed around the workplace like:

  • At this point, you should be close to an expert in our Knowledge Center. Prove it. What's the secret code hidden in our Knowledge Center?
  • What portion of the onboarding program have you found to be the most effective?
  • Locate your benefits coordinator Mary's office. Say hello to Mary, pick up your benefits materials binder and scan the QR code on the plan overview page.
  • Check-in at this local coffee shop right around the corner where a lot of your fellow colleagues hang out during lunch.
  • Snap a photo of how you've brought a little bit of "you" to your desk.

Employees are guided through levels that correspond to their current phase in the onboarding process. Levels can be created for every phase from pre-hire to Day 1 to completion and beyond. New hire onboarding software Scavify uses interaction, experiential learning, and gamification to create experiences that are impactful to the employees development.

Using an HR onboarding admin dashboard, HR generalists, managers, and program administrators can log in to assess, monitor, and manage programs including:

  • Activity feed containing real-time activity of individual employees and the programs.
  • Individual employee completion rates for programs, all of their activity and progress and overall engagement levels.
  • Data and analytics to help measure and assess various aspects of an individual employees and the programs.
  • Update content of programs in real-time.

Using a HR onboarding app will make your onboarding programs easily accessible to employees, while the interactive, experiential, and fun onboarding programs through Scavify will help acclimate employees quickly and reinforce the culture of your organization. Being able to measure and assess programs will help admins create better programs and experiences for employees and provide instant insight into employee behavior.

How to Get Started

  • Contact Scavify for advice on how this app could improve the onboarding process in your organization.
  • Choose a subscription level that best fits your organization.
  • Start with a turn-key program and customize to your organization or start with a blank template.
  • Provide new employees with instructions to access the app and your program.
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