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Home Office Ergonomics Series Description

How we perform our work has a big impact on how we feel. You may have experienced fatigue, tension or discomfort in your body while working at home. The goal of these videos is to teach the viewer ergonomics principles and assist them with positioning their bodies and workstation equipment to improve comfort and efficiency.

The series is made up of three short videos, shot in different homes, covering ergonomics principles and best practices for chair, keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup and positioning in the home.

What's included:

  • Setting Up Your Home Workstation Chair (Video)
    A lot of time is spent sitting to perform work. The first priority in setting up your workstation is your chair. This video explains four ergonomics principles on finding a place to sit down (or not!) when working at home.
  • Setting Up Your Home Workstation Keyboard and Mouse (Video)
    After setting up your chair, it’s time to tackle the keyboard and mouse. This video explains three ergonomics principles for positioning your laptop, keyboard and mouse so you can key and scroll efficiently.
  • Setting Up Your Home Workstation Monitor (Video)
    It’s time to set up the monitor. This last video in the home office ergonomics series explains four ergonomics principles for positioning your laptop or an external monitor to invite good postures while viewing your screen.
  • Home Office Ergonomics Memory Jogger (PDF)
  • Office Blink Stretches (PDF)

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