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What financial wellness technology is seeing 40% annual usage across wide demographic groups and leading to true behavior change?  Wouldn’t it be great if a financial wellness product used open-architecture and collaboratively promoted other tools and benefits your company is already offering? 

Willis Towers Watson’s myFiTageTM is a fundamentally different approach to driving sound financial well-being behaviors among employees using valuable, in-the-moment insights and promoting only products and services your company has vetted. By starting with the user’s FiT AgeSM — the age when you could stop working and still meet your lifestyle needs  — the myFiTage approach is achieving 40% usage across wide demographic groups and leading to true behavior change. Add data to expand myFiTage to your immediate financial situation for you and your family or link accounts when you’re ready – myFiTage earns trust at your own pace with powerful insights and never judges you. 

Employees can confidently answer the question: When will you reach financial independence?

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