Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Express Software

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Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Express, our employee portal software, is a simple and easy-to-use product built to communicate your crucial employee information. It includes a standard set of features determined to best fit a mid-market organization in a quick- and easy-to-configure web-based HR portal, which reflects the basic look and feel to resemble your company brand.

Willis Towers Watson employee portal software empowers you to create an engaging employee experience for all employees throughout the various stages of their careers with easy access to partners and providers from a single, user-friendly source.

Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Express Software, built for employees and HR practitioners of midsize organizations, creates a centralized hub for HR communications for employees as well as access to all HR information, such as payroll, benefits, and other vendor providers and tools such as those used by managers.

It meets the needs of midsize U.S.-based organizations (in English) with a centralized place to communicate key HR information and to target communications for the  employee self service portal software experience to different roles such as an entry-level employee or manager.

Our employee portal software is available anytime, anywhere, including mobile access, built with mobile-friendly, responsive design technology. It allows you to publish and manage content without extensive technical skills, including images, video, documents, text and more! In a software-as-a-service model, you will receive the latest technology upgrades in a seamless process. This means no additional internal IT department support needed. It’s easy to implement.

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