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Interested in better understanding perks to create an employee perks program for organization?

Tired of searching for perks lists and only seeing 10 perks?

With hundreds of perks available to provide to your workforce, the Employee Perks Matching Tool will help you identify the perks that best fit your organization, employees, workplace,and goals. After answering a brief questionnaire, you will receive a custom Perks Matching Report, which provides you with a 0 – 100 custom Perks Match Score for each of the 150 perks in our database. You will be able to see your top 10 perks, your top perks by category as well as a full listing of all perks with a custom match rating for your review.

Willis Towers Watson recognizes there is more to employee benefits than insurance. Creating an employee perks program is an important component of your Total Rewards package for employees, and can be a unique and low-cost way to attract and retain talent. You can use creative employee benefits and perks to promote well-being, increase engagement and foster a workplace culture that supports employees to perform at their best. Innovative and distinctive perks can also differentiate your organization from local and industry peers and help establish you as an employer of choice.
Willis Towers Watson has created a database of 150 employee perks across 10 categories: 

Food Convenience
Service Commuter
Financial Family
Education Wellness
Entertainment Technology

To support you in your rewards strategy, the purchase of the Perks Matching Tool also includes a related point-of-view white paper: An Employer Primer for Offering Valued Perks in Your Workplace.

When and How to Use

Within 24-48 hours of receiving your confirmation of purchase, you will receive an email which provides your personal credentials for accessing the tool via a Willis Towers Watson hosted website.  You are able to use the tool as often as you like.


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