Competency Atlas® | Core 28 Essential

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Need to introduce or update a core competency framework in your organization? Our Competency Atlas® | Core 28 Essential product allows you to select from 28 core competencies to find the best fit for your organization and the areas where you want to focus your development efforts. 

The core competencies framework span key areas — thought, influence, adaptability and delivery — and each of the 28 includes the following:

  • Definition of the competency

  • List of three behaviors linked to that competency

  • Definition of each behavior

  • Examples of the level of each behavior that should be demonstrated at three levels — professional, manager and executive

How to use:

You will receive a Zip file containing an Excel tool and a pdf overview guide.  The editable Excel file allows you to easily delete or hide what is not relevant for your organization and tailor to your organization's needs. The overview guide summarizes the Competency Atlas® | Core 28 Essential framework.


Purchase our core competency framework for your organization to develop your workforce today!

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