Competency Atlas Quick Start Bundle — Build Your Own

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A Competency Atlas Quick Start Bundle enables you to quickly and easily introduce a competency framework for career development into an organization based on key strategic priorities and focus. Use the drop down menu to select the competencies that are best suited to your organization's areas of focus. Each of the core competencies included in the Competency Atlas® | Core 28 Essential product are available for you in this build your own option. 

If you don't think any of our pre-packaged competency framework bundles work for your organization, we have built competency packages around strategic priorities of customer support, efficiencyinnovation and quality. Choose one or all four to best fit for your organization!  


It's Easy to Buy

Step 1 -- Use the drop down menu to review the 28 available competencies and determine which are most important to your organization

Step 2 -- Select the first competency you'd like to include in your bundle and add to your cart

Step 3 -- Repeat Step 2 for each of your selected competencies

Step 4 -- Check out and receive the combined file of your selected competency-related behavioral event questions, elaborators and triggers within 24-48 hours


What You Receive

The Bundle includes:

  • Definition of each of the selected competencies

  • Description of the behaviors associated with each competency

  • Definition of each behavior

  • Descriptions of behaviors expected at three career levels – professional, manager, executive

  • How-to-use tips

How To Use

Step 1: Determine the selected competency areas that are relevant across your organization and best aligned with its strategic priorities and focus.

Step 2: After receiving the download of the Competency Atlas Quick Start Bundle, edit the suggested behavior definition and behavior descriptions as needed based on the specifics of your organization.

Step 3: Copy and paste into documents or tools used to communicate and train within your organization.


Start building your competency framework template today!

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