Change Leadership 101 Training

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Help leaders drive lasting change with two-part training: online module and group collaboration facilitation guide to quickly apply principles to current changes

Change management is a big topic and change is everywhere! For example, introducing new health care carriers, eliminating popular benefit plans, increasing costs, restructuring compensation frameworks or job titles...

Driving any of these or other changes effictively begins with refining leadership skills centered around the change management process. The interactive Change Leadership 101 Training course reinforces and walks through what leading change means through individual online learning and collaborative group discussion with colleagues. 

Whose skills it's designed to enhance

For busy executives and key managers who don't have time or budget for full-day or multi-day training but want to be great at change leadership. Check out the interactive demo with excerpts to give a flavor of the content and functionality. Or watch a video of the demo here or from the picture gallery above. 

What you’ll take away

  • Reinforced understanding of the importance and role of leaders in the change management process
  • Approaches, tips and ideas for change leaders to use ‘on the job’ as the organization navigates simple to complex changes
  • Understanding of what leaders must focus on and do to drive sustainable change
  • Personal insight and real-world advice from leading experts needed to maximize individual effectiveness as a change leader

How the training is structured and how long it takes

The training has two parts:

  • Individual completion of an interactive online module (it takes about an hour and you can halt the training at any time and return to complete it later). The module is best completed on a desktop or tablet, but is also accessible on a smart mobile device.
  • Participation in a 60- to 90-minute collaborative session to discuss how to apply the Change Leadership skills and agree on commitments and next steps to lead change together within the organization.

What’s included

  • Access for 3 months from the date of purchase for the number of seats purchased.
  • Hosted training module with five chapters with audible explanations of key information, simple read-and-click activities such as quizzes or flash cards, as well as videos with experts sharing real-world advice
  • Simple participant quick reference handout (pdf in zip file at purchase and downloadable through module)
  • Collaboration session facilitator’s guide (pdf in zip file at purchase) to help you plan for a specific change you are dealing with

The facilitators guide includes:

  • Helpful information for scheduling and preparing for the session
  • Email content to use for inviting individuals selected participate
  • Introductory comments and discussion questions for each chapter
  • Recommendations for follow-up actions

How it is priced

Change Leadership 101 Training Pricing


Change Leadership Interactive Demo

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Training Fulfillment

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Media Type: Hosted training
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Subscription Length: 3 months subscription from date of setup
Technical Specifications: Adobe Acrobat Reader required
Technical Specifications: Online training to be taken by individuals with read-and-click elements and short videos. Includes a 90-minute collaboration session facilitated by purchasers company guided by a facilitator's guide included with purchase
Browsers Supported: Support the most recently available version of Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge within 3 months of commercial release plus the prior version. Support Internet Explorer 11 until the commercially supported date by Microsoft.
Browsers Supported: Support is not available for Internet Explorer 6 or older browsers, as they don’t include the technologies required to allow responsive design, animations, videos and many other features in modern eLearning software.
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