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Give your workforce quick, video refreshers to key health insurance words, dependent verification and qualified status change processes.

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Health care coverage and enrollment can be confusing, particularly when unfamiliar with the primary terms and processes used in materials. This set of three videos from the Benefits Feed Your Brain Collection gives your workforce quick refreshers for three topic areas key to good benefits decision making. 

  • Short. They get the key messages across in one to two minutes (suitable for the attention span of today’s busy adults).
  • Engaging. The combination of light humor and crisp delivery motivates employees to keep watching.
  • Smartphone friendly. The simple, bold graphics are easy to view on a small screen or portable device.

What's included:

When and how to use:

Share ahead of enrollment, at the start of a plan year, or anytime during the year.
• Post on intranet/portal/microsite
• Link in an email
• Play on digital sign boards
• Show during onboarding and enrollment meetings

Add to everyone's knowledge by reinforcing more health insurance, wellness and retirement concepts with other videos you'll find on The HR Trove.

Series: Benefits Feed Your Brain

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