Behavioral Event Interview Questions -- Competency Atlas® | Core 28 Essential

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Our behavioral event interview question library includes 3-5 suggested sets of questions for each of the 28 competencies in the Competency Atlas® | Core 28 Essential product.  Each set of questions includes:

  • Initial questions to start the discussion
  • Related follow-up questions (Elaborators)
  • Suggested prompts to use to help the candidate understand the type of response you are seeking (Triggers)

What You Receive

You'll receive an excel file containg a "How to Tab" along with tabs for each selected competency area.  Each tab provides:

  • The competency definition
  • The behaviors associated with that competency
  • The suggested interview question set alogned with each behavior

How To Use

Step 1 -- Edit the suggested question sets as needed for the specifics of your organization

Step 2 -- Copy and paste into documents or tools provided to hiring managers and others involved in the interviewing process

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