Be Your Best Video and Companion Collection

This collection is NOT your old-school performance management and goal-setting learning experience. Instead, each video will grab attention and deliver relevant, practical tips for giving great feedback, knowing what to do with feedback after receiving it and crafting SMART performance goals. 

A collection of videos that are:

  • Short – They get the key messages across in 42 seconds or less
  • Engaging – The combination of visual explanations and crisp audio delivery makes it easy keep watching
  • Smartphone friendly – They use simple, bold graphics that are easy to view on a small screen or portable device

The companion handouts augment the in-the-moment video learning or can be distributed independently. Each handout combines graphics to make the messages clear.  

The collection is an easy and cost-effective way to use videos on your own website, portal or microsite, and have at-the-ready handouts for onboarding, one-on-one conversations or group meetings. Each is written by award-winning communicators with deep HR consulting expertise with employers of all sizes across industries.

To preview individual videos within the collection, please go to each video separately either via search (e.g., Urgent, Rock Star) or from main category and not the collection.