2019 Digital Transformation Practices Report - North America

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Digital transformation, the deconstruction and dispersion of work across a global virtual workplace, is creating competition for digital talent and raises questions about how to align HR, digital and overall business strategies. Our 2019 Digital Transformation Practices report summarizes information provided by 163 North American organizations and will help you to answer these questions and enable you to understand:

  • How far along other organizations are on the journey to automation and digital transformation and the steps they are taking to get work done (through contingent work, artificial intelligence and/or automation)
  • How organizations are differentiating their rewards, benefits and talent programs for critical talent/digital skills
  • Holistic HR practices and talent management strategies related to digital transformation
  • Best practices in attracting and retaining digital talent, including skills premium data

Human Resources has a crucial role in every organization’s digital transformation. Building a workforce for the future requires a data-driven and forward-thinking approach. This 20 page report aims to equip HR professionals with the information to future-proof their organization and to revolutionize talent management in the digital economy. 

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