2018 Company Car Report

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Our Company Car Report provides data and insights on car benefit policies, eligibility and allowances by employee category, available in 78 countries.

Our dedicated Company Car Report offers your organization unmatched data and best practices on establishing and administering an attractive car benefit policy to your employees. 

Information covered in the report includes:

  • Eligibility for company car or cash allowance benefits by employee level
  • Value of car benefits provided
  • Policies for personal use of company car
  • Car replacement period
  • Employee options to purchase company car
  • Use of employee's personal car for business (allowances, mileage claims)
  • Other car benefit policy topics 

Data are presented by employee level with breakdown by sales and non-sales functions. 

Reports are available for five countries on The HR Trove (China, Mexico, Sinagpore, UAE and UK). Reports are also available for 60-plus countries on an individual country, regional or global basis. See the attached order form for the full list of products and countries. Company Car reports are published annually. Updated reports are typically published in May.

For more information about additional products available from Willis Towers Watson Data Services, go to https://www.wtwdataservices.com.

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