2018-2019 Global 50 Remuneration Planning Report

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Our Global 50 Report is a succinct guide for remuneration planning, including labor and reward environments, mandatory benefit plans, and pay levels.

As you begin to expand beyond your home market, you need to quickly understand the local labor and economic environments and ensure you are meeting the basic legal requirements for your employees. So many things — such as cost-of-living differences, talent supply and demand, overall local competitiveness and local market idiosyncrasies — can impact your decisions in remuneration planning.

Our Global 50 Remuneration Planning Report is an important handbook for your international operations. It presents basic remuneration planning practices for 50 key positions in 60-plus countries worldwide. Each country report includes:

  • Compensation trends, including salary structures, salary increases, total guaranteed compensation and variable pay targets
  • Statutory and occupational employee benefits and perquisites
  • Key economic data and labor market indicators
  • Public holidays and annual leave

For more detailed information to aid remuneration planning on benefit laws and regulations, you may consider purchasing the Benefits Profile, and Employment Terms and Conditions report bundle. Global 50 reports are published annually. Updated reports are typically published in October.

Reports are available globally and for seven countries on The HR Trove (Canada, China, Mexico, Sinagpore, UAE, UK, and U.S.). Reports are also available for 60-plus countries on an individual country or regional basis. See the attached order form for the full list of products and countries.

For more information about additional products available from Willis Towers Watson Data Services, go to https://www.wtwdataservices.com.

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